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I spent two hours at the mall today and ended up with a bunch of new clothes -- all on sale. I rock so hard. I'm tired of looking like a bum (ripped jeans, old t-shirts) so I've decided to rebuild my wardrobe with a more adult/professional look, but without looking like an Abercrombie clone *GAG*. I still wanna get some new shoes and some accessories, and once I've accomplished that, I think I'll have a pretty good foundation to work with.

Also on my to-do list:

1) Go apartment hunting. Find a place within my budget, close to campus, preferably with bathtub (not required, but it'd be nice).
2) Find a job. Um. Retail, maybe? Best Buy, PetCo, Hastings? Student worker jobs are nice, because they let you work around your class schedule, but most pay only minimum wage, and since I'm going to be paying rent next semester, I need to find something a bit more lucrative. BUT I've heard that working retail is a truly hellish experience. Hmm. Waitressing?
3) Clean room, clean out closet, clean out dresser. Take unwanted to clothes to Plato's Closet/Goodwill. Sell old formals on eBay?
4) Find inner peace.


I'm not gonna spill every detail of my Christmas loot, but I did get a new 5 gallon fish tank (SQUEEEEE!), some new clothes, and a book about juggling. (I actually bought the juggling book for myself last week, and hid it so "Santa" could bring it for me). I've been practicing since yesterday, and I can already juggle three bean bags. Aren't you all proud of me? I figure that if I'm going to run away and join the circus, I'd better have a marketable skill, so I'm gonna have to practice every day since I'm so far behind schedule.
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