Agent Danger (gustheduckie) wrote,
Agent Danger

I think I need to go to UTMB today. I may or may not have an eye infection (I think it's just irritated, but it's been bloodshot for the last two days), but what's really worrying me is this killer muscle cramp in my abdomen. It's on the lower right side of my tummy, and every time I try to move or cough or (the worst of all) sneeze, it feels like I'm being stabbed. It started Saturday night, and even after six ibuprofen in 24 hours, it hasn't improved. In fact, it keeps getting worse. It's probably nothing serious, but I don't think it's gonna go away without something stronger than generic Advil.

And hey, if I can get a medical excuse to miss some classes, I'll actually have time to watch Firefly!
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