Agent Danger (gustheduckie) wrote,
Agent Danger

I'm not sure exactly how many of ya'll already knew about this, but for those who haven't heard, I'll start at the beginning.

My dad's cousin (my second cousin, technically, although we're closer than the name would imply) has been HIV positive for the last fifteen years or so. Until this past fall, he was really healthy, but around Thanksgiving, he became sick. He's been in the hospital since then, and within the last week or so, he contracted pneumonia. During an operation to clean out his lungs (I'm not exactly sure how it works) his heart stopped, and he's been in a coma and on a respirator since then. His two sisters are in Houston with him and his partner (they've been together for at least ten years), and after his dad arrives from San Antonio, they're going to disconnect his life support.

God, this sucks. We all knew that it would happen eventually, but now that it's actually happening, like RIGHT NOW, THIS VERY MOMENT, I can't stand to think about it.

I'm probably going to be gone later this week for the services, but I don't know when exactly everything will happen. I guess I'll make more updates as we recieve more news.
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