Agent Danger (gustheduckie) wrote,
Agent Danger

omg, you guys. for real.

My dad collapsed at work yesterday. They thought he had a stroke. It turns out it wasn't actually a stroke (his CAT scan and bloodwork came back normal). There was some sort of blockage that prevented enough blood from getting to his brain. He's back home now, and they've scheduled tests to look at his carotid arteries and his heart, to see what the problem is. He's also got some sort of pinched nerve in his back (he went all rigid when he blacked out, and they think he might have strained against his chair or something) and he's in a lot of pain, but they gave him some Vicodin to help with that. Aside from the back pain, he's mostly better. I'll update if/when we find out anything else.

In other news, I might have a chance to be a character performer at DisneyWorld this fall. I kept seeing signs and posters for this Disney College Program thing ( and I went to the presentation, filled out an application, had a phone interview last night, and they recommended me for the character performer audition. It's in San Antonio this Monday at 1:00, so if anyone wants to drive down with me, let me know.

So, um, yeah. I guess that's all for now.
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hugs and love to the whole family dearie.
Hope your dad feels better.

And I hope you get to be princess!

My God, that's so scary. Best of wishes to your dad. I'm glad he's mostly okay now!!!!!!
hows your daddy doing?

oh, and i found someone in the lj commuity tmi_chix that has your dancing blue guy icon. her username is lovemonster