Agent Danger (gustheduckie) wrote,
Agent Danger

So, hi. I know I haven't posted in, um, several months (bad Gus!) but what with this summer and now school starting up, it's been crazy.

To begin, a list of things.

1. I am kinda loving this new Vault coke thingy. Indeed, it does drink like a soda and kick like an energy drink.

2. Mollie bought me a Lyle Lovett CD this weekend because she loves me, and I am freaking loving it. It's "The Road to Ensenada," and I highly recommend it. I like Lyle Lovett because he's an Aggie (ok, so I'm biased), but also because although he doesn't have some classically beautiful voice like Josh Groban or a stereotypical country voice like Garth Brooks, everything he sings sounds so real. He's not trying to put on airs or do something he doesn't want to do, he just sings the songs he wants to sing because he wants to sing them. I sound like a fangirl, i know, but I'm really not. I just really like Lyle Lovett. Also, country + folk + gospel + blues = pretty freaking awesome.

3. Because some people have been asking, yes, me and Greg are still together. I guess my prolonged absence made people wonder. But yeah, we're still together, doing great, terrorizing College Station with our wacky adventures. Like that time I convinced him to drive with me to Houston at 1:45 in the morning to go see a bunch of dead people. Also, hey greg, we still have all those fireworks to shoot off. . .

4. I HAVE A NEW PUPPY. I haven't put pictures up yet, but I'm gonna do it today. Maybe. Anyway, she's an 8 week old Basset Hound. Rachel and Tonie named her Lily Belle, which is a good Southern sort of name, but we just call her Lily, or sometimes "oh no please don't pee on that." The crate and house training have been going well so far. I've started reading this book on dog psychology, and a lot of it makes sense, even though I never thought about it before. All the stuff about pack mentality and the owner as pack leader, and how your attitude around the dog will affect how the dog behaves around you. Pretty interesting stuff.

5. Um, I have class soon. Botany. Specifically, BOTN 301, Taxonomy of Flowering Plants. Interesting material, boring prof. He has one of those voices that just lulls you to sleep. I've taken to working sudoku puzzles while he lectures so I can keep my mind engaged enough to not drift off. Anyway, so first I had Latin, and got my test back, and as predicted, it absolutely kicked my ass. Then I came in here, dorked around on my computer. Then I'm going to botany, then choir, then botany lab, then home for a quick meal and to play with the dogs, then BACK to campus for my film class's weekly movie screening. I don't remember what we're watching, but my prof has good taste, so it'll probably be nifty.

6. Dang, I love this Lyle Lovett album.

7. There's a career fair in here and I'm going to get a 5-minute massage before my next class. Bye.
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