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Agent Danger's Guide to Healthy Living

Agent Danger
8 March
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Anthropology major.
Archaeology nerd.
Second soprano.

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^_^, adium, aggies, alan rickman, anthropology, apple, archaeology, arrested development, auras, aziraphale, bad girls, ballroom dancing, banned books, bare feet, barenaked ladies, billy boyd, billy elliot, boobs, california, cameron tuttle, captain jack sparrow, century singers, cheesy movies, chocolate, christian bale, classic rock, colin firth, comedy, concerts, crowley, csi, dominic monaghan, dvds, eloise, facebook, fcuker, flexibility, flip-flops, freebirds, freedom, fuckses, fuzzy dice, gay gay gay, gershwin, getting what you want, good omens, green day, greg sanders, h/h, harry potter, hippies, homemade cookies, humor, ibooks, ice cream, indiana jones, ipods, itunes, jeans, jelly beans, jiffy pop, john hughes, johnny depp, jon stewart, joy, keira knightley, kermit, kissing, laughter, liek, limewire, liverpool rummy, lord of the rings, lost, love actually, macintosh, mercedes, mix cds, monty python, movies, muppets, music, neil gaiman, new york city, newsies, notebooks, omg, peanuts, philosophy, photography, pirates, pretty in pink, pride & prejudice, puns, quotes, reading, road sisters, road-tripping, rock climbing, rocky horror picture show, romantics, sand between your toes, saturday night, scathingly brilliant ideas, scrubs, sean astin, singing, sirius black, sisters, sixteen candles, skinny dipping, snark, snood, solitaire, spongebob squarepants, sunrises, sunsets, surfing, sushi, swimming, tamug, texas a&m university, the bad girl's guides, the beach, the bluths, the daily show, the oc, the vsds, theater, thelma & louise, thomas newman, trees, u2, vintage t-shirts, warrick's hair, winking, wireless internet, world peace, writing, yoga, your mom,